Wednesday, May 26, 2010

this doesn't count

i changed the layout. i was getting bored of the old one and this one is so much cleaner and leaner. i might wake up in eight hours and change it back, though. the world may never know.

i also made another blog to document my travels in bangalore. i really wanted the blog name to be bangalorelore but it was already taken so i had to settle on jadorebangalore. oh well, worse things have happened.

i think i'm going to make that blog public (public as in i put it on my facebook...SO SCANDALOUS) and take away the profile feature so that it doesn't show the link to this one. this one is just too sappy/dumb to display, at least right now it is. but i still loves it here and i will endeavor to continue updating both...maybe...hopefully.

it's almost 2 am. how time flies. i have so much work to do that if i think about it too hard i can feel my brain start to combust and stuff, it's an interesting feeling.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend withdrawal. Now

I am left with

$8.11 in my checking account
A renewed desire to read
Random bruises all along my back, probably from when I decided to hang out in a closet for a long time on Saturday night
Fascination & nostalgia & gratitude for the things that make my life a good life
A little more faith in humanity

Three weeks left, and then I am no longer a University of Chicago student, but a ThoughtWorker instead...whaaaaat.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



i j'ed in my p so hard when i heard that earlier today (yesterday technically, i suppose)

they are only my new favorite band ever UNGHHHH. i may or may not have had to stop listening to hospice a few times out of fear of bursting into tears.

the only thing that is stopping me from buying tickets right this very second is the uncertainty of whether or not i will actually be in chicago at that time. is it bad to ask for a day off before i've started working?

oh and ya, while i'm on the topic of work, i found out that the company that will be employing me has given me assignments to complete over the next four weeks! D:!!!!!!!!!!!! it's not that i am not excited about working, i just don't have the time to do moar stuff on top of my current school load.

...that is not even true at all. i could've done plenty of job training/prep today, but instead i chose to watch youtube videos of gm faceoffs in the reg. i have recently decided that chess playing ability is a highly desirable trait. there is nothing sexier than a well-executed checkmate.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my face still hurts

from being slapped by the hand of reality :(

i'm in the reg - like i always am - procrastinating - like i always do. coming to the reg at this point is like coming to my second home - i feel no obligation whatsoever to be productive anymore in this space. your limestone walls and astute storage units have no effect on me, joseph regenstein! ha!

this is actually terrible. i have about an hour of time before i have to go and help my roommate with her art project, but i am intent on spending that time nursing my wounds/feeling sorry for myself instead of being a productive member of society, etc etc.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Calm before the storm...hits...again

Two midterms down, one final (and horrid) one to go. Of course you would place me in this clusterfuck of a lineup, UChicago. Of course.

I guess the silver lining behind my otherwise black and miserable cloud o midterms is that I've been spending a lot more time in our living room, which is actually quite a nice study space. Comfy couches, plenty o sunlight, a cat that pees on your face...what is not to love.

I creepily took a picture of my roommate reading.

I've also been doing a lot of daydreaming about my room next year, pictured above. And by daydreaming, what I really mean is going on UrbanOutfitters and looking at furniture that I cannot afford. Yesterday, I spent a solid hour convincing myself that I needed to buy a rug and a dress I found on the website, and then after I added both items in my cart and looked at the final price after shipping, I X'ed out in great fear, realized it was 4 PM and I still had two midterms to study for (three, technically), and began tearing out chunks of my hair.

30 more minutes to waste before my conscience forces me to get on the North and drag my weary, bleary self to the Reg. I think I will go play chess.

Monday, May 03, 2010

New habit

I think that starting now, I will link the first word of every entry I write to the song that I am currently obsessed with the most at that given moment. The point being: you would hopefully click on the link/open it in another tab and listen as you read the rest of the entry.


This is awkward, but I don't actually have anything to say right now other than this idea. O well. It's like two thirty in the morning. I'm pretty wiped out. I am also craving butter chicken HARDCORE.

I'm going to try and be better about updating and stuff. I know I say that every entry/day but this time I'm for serious.

Goodnight, moon.
Goodnight, roommate.
Goodnight, guitar.
Goodnight, Econ25620 syllabus.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

well, hello there

I haven't had much inspiration for a blog post as of late. Life has been so "worldly" and distracting and all I do nowadays is play chess and talk to strangers online. Good thing there is always music to blog about!

I thought of this as I was making breakfast in the kitchen: I find myself playing the same albums or songs over and over again as I do different activities throughout the day. So, I will share them with you/include links and hope you like them all and think I'm cool. Without further ado -

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix
Good for: making breakfast
Perfect balance of uppity and laid-back. Also, easy to sing along to when you are cutting potatoes. It even cheers you up after you slice open your hand!

Funeral by Arcade Fire
"Wake Up"
Good for: running outside, being tired
Epic, happy, I-have-a-purpose-in-life-and-I'm-running-like-a-champ-against-a-beautiful-backdrop music that never gets tiring or boring, even when you are.

It's Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Heads Will Roll"
Good for: partays, but not the crazy ones
I think this album is one of the few where I actually like every single track. My roommate played it a month or two ago at a small gathering in our apartment and it sat well with our guests.

Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes
"White Winter Hymnal"
Good for: walking outside in the snow
This entire album always makes me feel so small and humble and cozy, and I would play it while trudging back from class in the wintertime almost every day. No matter how cold I was or how heavy my backpack or how many frozen boogers were trailing from my nose, I could always count on my favorite bearded woodland friends to cheer me up.

Side silly: the most "liked" comment for this song on YouTube is the following:

"After suffering manic depression, schitzophrenia, horse gonorea, hiaramakonga (a rare diseased bowel infection), mass panic attacks where I would litterally go blind with panic and collapse, lunacy (whenever a full moon came out, i would take off all my clothes and run around naked telling everyone i wanted to sniff their bum), arabian rat flu (for 35 years), i tried EVERY CURE known to man, nothing worked. Then last night i happened by these guys songs on utube, and im fine now. Totally fine"

Satanic Panic in the Attic by Of Montreal
"Disconnect the Dots"
Good for: cleaning your room
Similar to WAP, this album is so lighthearted and infectious, it makes folding clothes or making your bed enjoyable!

Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles
"Courtship Dating"
Good for: hating the world and everyone in it
I let my anger stew so hard to Crystal Castles. Also, I am aware that they have a new album, I have it but have not listened yet, because I've spent every waking minute listening to

(m)orning by Mae
"The Fisherman Song"
Good for: guilty pleasure listening/pretending you're still in high school
CAN'T STOP LISTENING even though the singer's voice annoys me sometimes. This one song in particular has been on repeat in my iTunes for the past 48 hours.

SNSD/Girls' Generation (I don't actually have the album)
Good for: annoying others, fascinating others, confusing others when you ask them to pick out their favorite one
No real explanation needed here, you just have to listen to it to believe it, and it will be stuck in your head forever/you will despise the world.

OK, I need to do work. This list has degenerated anyway. I hope you listen to one or four of these.