Sunday, June 26, 2011


if you asked me to describe my life or how i'm doing in one word, that's what it always is.

i just got to my hotel room in plano and face-planted onto my bed, muffling my anxieties along with my sweaty, dirty, makeup-run mug. i promised myself i wouldn't get up for anything other than the food delivery order i'd made en route to the hotel...but then quickly realized i was falling asleep, so i forced myself up and crawled to my computer and decided to write a blog entry (upon remembering getting berated this weekend by friends who complained of the lack of updates)

on the plane ride i thought of what i'd done this weekend and counted the hours that i spent NOT in the company of somebody i knew. the grand total amounted to four. FOUR measly hours spent alone out of approximately 78 - no wonder i'm going insane. here was my itinerary, as frantically and furiously typed out in a word document, friday morning at 6:00 am at gate E5 in the united terminal of dallas fort-worth airport:

- tour an apartment for a remote family friend
- go to the TW office
- dr's appointment at NMPG
- buy a mattress at sleep city
- gorge on sandwiches at DMK
- unpack unpack unpack
- roll around on my mattress until unconsciousness

- brunch at sam & george's
- teeth cleaning at dental salon
- TW company picnic at jackson park
- comcast cable appointment
- grocery shopping
- dinner at the apartment
- drinks at the neighborhood saloon

- cleaning old apartment
- white sox game
- fly to plano
- arrive at hotel
- pass out forever

i managed to do everything except pass out forever. stupid eggplant basil - come faster so i can fall into a food coma and dream about a world devoid of airplanes, apartments, and waiting for the cta.

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