Monday, November 28, 2011


judging by the strange and random cravings i get, you'd think that i was i crazy pregnant lady. well only one of those words describes me, and luckily it ain't pregnant and it ain't lady either.

edamustache, my movember facial hair
for as long as i can remember i've always loved savory, salty foods. kimchee, spicy ramen, preserved radishes...these are things i grew up eating and loving. other longtime staples - practically food groups in their own rights - include potatoes, butter chicken, and mayonnaise (which i used to scoop out of a jar with my fingers. yum) oh, and i also could probably eat at chipotle for the rest of my life and be quite content with it.

my food swings come and go. lately i've been on sort of a whole foods rampage. mainly because they carry a lot of brands and items that i wouldn't usually run into at another store (or would not willingly pay for when not on an expense account!). i also like their premade foods. cooking for one is sort of depressing.

here's some stuff i've been loving recently:

kashi strawberry fields cereal. oh dear god. if you eat special k red berries, heed my advice: get this the next time and you'll never go back to that cardboard crap. i first discovered this at bart mart at the university of chicago my sophomore year. since then i've always bought it wherever i could find it and have gotten several friends addicted as well. it's pricey, even for a cereal, but i think it's worth it as it's one of those cereals where i'll finish the whole bag instead of leaving the remaining fourth/dregs uneaten.

liberte yogurt. story of how i encountered this: i was at the yogurt aisle, pondering the mysteries of life when a gorgeous girl walked by and said to me in passing, "try the liberte, it's really good!" now this girl was skinny, athletic, and had perfectly smooth skin, so i figured it would be some low-cal watery atkins stuff. not so. a little container of this guy packs 270 calories. but by the grace of god, it tastes like ice cream, i kid you not. i've since replaced my ben & jerry's with this. it's not healthy by any stretch of the imagination but it ain't a tub of chunky munky either. these go for about $1.49 each, but are sometimes on sale if you buy 'em in bulk.

i heard about snapea crisps from elle fowler, who raved about them as her favorite relatively healthy snack. i picked them up and thought, why not? they taste good and are good for when you just want to munch on something while watching tv or feeling sorta lazy. like elle says, they give that satisfying potato chip crunch. at $1.99 a bag with 3-ish servings, they are also pretty inexpensive.

the other day, i was eating one of these at work when my coworker noticed and joked, "what are you, five?". i nodded and kept eating. i seriously think the half the fun of string cheese lies in the memories it conjures of a packed school lunch. these make a good mid-day snack because they are filling and portable. i have one with an apple almost every day around 3 PM when my stomach starts to make whale sounds.

last but not least... tea tea gee gee baby baby baby! as the starks like to say, winter is coming, and nothing quite simultaneously calms and warms me up as a warm cup of tea does. i've been having one every morning and evening and have been finding that it curbs my coffee craving quite a bit. i may or may not have reached into my backpack to grab my passport and accidentally handed the TSA officer a tazo packet of tea...just one time...

there you have it, a list of noms i've been obsessed with lately. give 'em a try and let me know your thoughts or recommendations. i am always on the lookout for new food to eat :D the weirder the better!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

settlers of catan

about a month ago, i played my first game of settlers of catan, a german strategy board game that i had heard of here and there but had never summoned the interest to learn. i'm not a huge board game person, mostly because they bring out the bossy and impatient side of me, but after my first game i was immediately, irrevocably hooked.

without going into all the rules, what makes this game fun is that it lets everyone have what i perceive is a more equal fun ratio than other games where it's very clear who is going to win at some point into the game. in settlers, nothing is inevitable and nothing is set in stone. instead of one conventional path to winning, there are different methods of procuring the points needed for victory, and it's also fairly easy to be sneaky about your progress in the game. there's also a much more human element of trading, which i immensely enjoy. in the past month, "sheep for a brick?" has quickly become a common phrase of my lexicon!

i've played with a bunch of different groups, people, ages, and levels of experience, and the consensus has always been that settlers of catan is an extremely well-crafted game that draws you in the more and more you play. if you ever get the chance to play it, definitely give it a shot - the learning curve is totally worth it. and if you want to own the precious, i recommend buying it on amazon, as that's the least expensive option i've seen thus far. happy settling!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

gobbly mcgobblerson

this thanksgiving i am grateful for

a healthy and happy heart
a job that i (mostly) enjoy
having traveled to so many new places this year
helplessness blues
kashi strawberry fields cereal
*got spoiler alert!* arya still being alive as of 60%ish into a feast of crows (george r. r. martin, don't you dare kill her! don't you daaarrrrrrrrreeeee *shakes fist and glares up at the ceiling*)

i would list more but each line would get more ridiculous than the one before it and every other one would just be another food item i am currently craving. like string cheese. or more mashed potatoes. mmm, stomach says no but my heart says YES.

once again i am taking up the solemn, solemn vow to rekindle my creativity and start posting here again. i don't care who sees any of this, or who doesn't, because i feel that sort of apprehension about what an audience expects sets me back and makes me think things like "oh, that would be dumb to post", or "i know so-and-so might be reading this and don't want him/her to know how retarded i actually am" or most commonly, "i don't have anything to say today and therefore will not stretch my noggin to find something." i've come to realize more and more that if i don't write for myself, i won't write at all. which is not to say i am going to fill this blog up with complete and utter crap - just probably some crap - i will still try to maintain some semblance of quality control. but i will not care what others will think! (yes, easier said than done.)

i have started tinkering around with the css a little on here. i can't get the image of thundercat up top to "float" above the text and that little line that cuts across her exacerbates a twitch in my left eye. but at the very least, it is something that distinguishes my blog from the gabazillions out there with the same "simple" layout. css is sort of fascinating to me. i just started a few tutorials on it and have began to dapple here and there, nervously tweaking fonts and creating divs before resetting everything for fear of breaking allll the things. the gist of it is incredibly simple, but still to me it's fascinating to inspect every element of the webpages i love and uncover the ingredients that make up how they look. to a seasoned developer it's probably child's play, but to me it's kind of amazing, like having a digital easel at my fingertips.

in about ten minutes my best friend and her sister are going to pick me up. we're going to target - the one in Rio that i've known forever - to uh, buy DVDs and hopefully settlers of catan, haha. i sure as heck wasn't gonna wake up early and fight the crowds tomorrow morning so i figured a midnight escapade to target would be a reasonable compromise - i get to spend time with a friend and still maybe get to snap up season one of vampire diaries for $12.99? ha.

on that topic, i think i'm generally a happier person when there's a tv show in my life. not many, just one that i keep watching. for a while i was a snob about watching tv and deigned "arrested development" as the only shows suitable for my taste. but having recently watched the game of thrones series, i'm quickly realizing that there is a lot of well-made television out there, and that instead of equating everything on the silver screen to "real housewives of some place or another", i should really just do some research and find what's good. so far, my interest's been piqued in dexter, archer, the wire, and weeds. oh and vampire diaries, which isn't exactly intelligent television but would be a great time-killer 30,000 feet in the air. plus the girl in it is adorable. i want to her best friend forever.