Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the intersection of randolph and michigan

a funny thing happens randolph and michigan each morning when i cross it on my way to work. it's only something i witness in the morning, when hordes of people are grumpily going to work or noobishly excited about prancing around in millenium park.

here's the gist:

the setup:

and then,

after that, sometimes


it's nothing out-of-this-world crazy but it is something small i've started to look forward to each morning, just to see if today is the day that a noob attempts to cross, or if we can get a 100% optimization rate (i.e. all businessmen and noob tourists execute steps 1, 2, and 4 perfectly.) it's also something i've only found at this particular intersection and only on weekday mornings. all other times, people at this intersection follow the signs to the tee and there is none of this "go ahead" mentality during a red light.

curious. most curious.


  1. I was probably that oblivious n00b :D

  2. Where's was the noob. It disappeared in your final picture. Underneath a car?

  3. underneath a car or shamed by the rest of pedestrians so much so that it vanished and was never to be seen again