Monday, April 09, 2012

pet project

as if i didn't already have enough things i've started-but-don't-see-through-to-completion-and/or-satisfaction...

i got bored and made a website. check it out here:

it's really mostly just for my own practice with HTML/CSS/javascript/web design, but i figure maybe it could help some like-minded chicagoans out there who want to try something new gym-wise too.

i so want to make it pretty and fancy and twirl and glitter, but for now i am making myself focus on just getting some more gyms up on there. next will probably be some reviews that i write for gyms i've visited, and then maybe after that i'll put in some more visual design/interaction elements.

if it's one thing i've learned so far, it's that building a website is harder than it looks! that javascript-y "about" tab? yeah, that took me only something like 16 hair-yankingly frustrating hours to put in. javascript goddess right here y'all!


  1. could you do this for nyc, pretty please?

  2. ha, would love to! gymcrawlchicago v1.1, perhaps

    i'm sure if you looked up the LA fitness or xsports there they might be offering something!